Daily Delight: Hats

For years now, I have been a hat person. When I was growing up, I didn’t like wearing hats because no one else I knew wore them. We couldn’t wear them to school, so I never tried. No beanies, nothing. But once I figured out how to style them and which styles I liked, I became a hat person. Which was very fortunate for me when I lost my hair while going through chemo. Hats were the only thing that kept me warm. I have many, many hats. Some I’ve purchased, some gifted. Some are structured hats like my mustard yellow hat I wear in almost every photo in the summer and fall (were you wondering when I was going to own up to that? Hah!) Others are slouchy beanies with no structure. Some I adorn in the winter because they make me feel cozy and safe. Others I only wear on special occasions. All of them bring me jubilation.

I wear hats so often, I have influenced some coworkers and friends to try becoming personnes des chapeaux. I bought my coworker one during office Secret Santa because she talked a lot about liking my hats but thinking she wasn’t a hat person. I hear that so often. I used to say that so often. I wasn’t at hat person until I gave them an actual shot.

Also, EXPERT TIP! No extra charge. For structured hats like the ones above, instead of pulling it down on your head with the brim parallel to the ground, tip it up to show an inch or two of hairline. It will fall off more often, especially when giving hugs, but it will also highlight and flatter the hell out of your face.

What do you think — are you a hat person?



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