Currently Loving: 

1. Attie’s hiking face – I can’t get enough of the autumn colors, so Attie and I have been in nature as much as we can. He’s the best hiking buddy- careful yet adventurous. 

2. I am glued to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s courage and candor. Because of her testimony, the current patriarchical good-old-boys club is being spotlighted and questioned. I am a woman, a feminist, and I am mad as hell about how our society and presidential administration is treating her. I’m not only mad as hell about how she’s treated, but I’m mad as hell about how women can’t be mad as hell on public platforms without being touted as inappropriate or invalid. I’m currently loving her audacity and the women’s voices that are finally resounding in our society. This brings up a parochial narrative that can and will be changed. We can do it! 

3. Sword and Scale Podcast – is not for all listeners as it is often unsettling and at times disturbing. It’s a true crime podcast that details just how dark our humanity can be through stories of egregious murders. It’s fascinating if you can stomach it. Helpful hint: allow yourself a break if you find that you are becoming emotionally escalated. I have to be mindful of this because I will often find myself yelling at the people in the podcast in my car or on a walk. 
Thanks for letting me share! 



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