We built our own house, own house with our hands over our hearts

HouseMalcolm and I moved into our new house over the extended holiday weekend. As mentioned previously, my energy for unpacking and home projects wavers and generally falls into nothingness not long after I move in. The result: lots of unpacked boxes and tubs that move around with me to all my places of residence. M has been kicking ass and really inspiring me to push through my usual lack of energy. The house itself is so inspiring because it is SO PERFECT for us in so many ways. We haven’t been there a week and we almost have everything unpacked, though a lot of that can be attributed to the lack of things we owned coming from very tiny apartments. We’ve rallied through so many DIY projects that I think we could actually hold a house warming party in December! That is a HUGE personal accomplishment for me. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown a housewarming party that wasn’t six months after I’d move in. By that point, I usually call it a regular party with none of the new home gifts/well wishes.

I am so excited to share our gorgeous space with all of our loved ones. I’m tempted to invite over everyone I know, like yesterday, to host and reciprocate all of the times we’ve been invited to dinners and gatherings at friends’ homes. Stay tuned for a house warming invite coming very soon!

With much warmth and gratitude,



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