My Cherry Pie’s Looking Better!

At the beginning of the pandemic, I, like so many others, resorted to baking to feel productive and grounded. (I made this rosemary bread and a few other impressive — read I’m so impressed with myself — recipes which you can read about here.) I baked my very first homemade pie early on and really came to understand pie much better through multiple attempts. I tried making a strawberry pie in grad school, but I have a very vivid memory of the filling dripping to the bottom of the oven, hardened and burned to the bottom of the oven, and it didn’t taste right. Since then, I haven’t been brave enough to try it again, until the pandemic when I had a lot of time and felt very unproductive.

My grandmother also refreshed my memory about my first pie baking lessons she gave me when I went to stay with my mom after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I returned home, I baked at least three or four pies and a cheesecake. They tasted much better after I had some general direction, and they were even starting to look like normal pies.

So about a week ago, I wanted to try again. And this is what I came up with. Still not magazine photoshoot worthy, but I’m getting there. I want to try this recipe for apple pie next. A volunteer with whom I work recently gifted me an old fashioned apple peeler she thrifted, which was the perfect gift for me. I can’t wait to try the peeler, this recipe, and her apple cake recipe she included with the peeler. I’ll report back.

This is the final result from the other day. We scooped some Tillamook Vanilla Ice Cream and whipped cream on top, and it was to-die-for. Progress!

What are your favorite types of pies and pie recipes?



4 thoughts on “My Cherry Pie’s Looking Better!

  1. Mary brundage

    Your pie looks great. I bet it was delicious. Your Dad will be happy you learned to make cherry pie since that is his favorite. I so enjoyed our cooking lessons you were such a pleasure to spend time with. Your thoughts about passing time with baking were also mine. I just felt like my time was just wasted. I felt more productive by having fun in the kitchen. Hang in there sweetie. You will get through it. Love you much. GMom.

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  2. Dad

    No, it doesn’t look magazine photoshoot worthy, but it looks PERFECT. Like a real pie made to eat instead of made to be photographed.

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