Cheap Tricks: Thrifting Records

One of my favorite things to search for when I thrift is records. It’s taken me a few years of trial and error, but I think I have it down now. Allow me to share what I’ve learned.

  1. Almost any holiday record will do the trick when creating holiday ambiance – Some of my favorites include a carol album I just found at a Goodwill and any Carpenter’s Christmas album that includes Merry Christmas Darling. Ugh, still swoon over that song like it came out yesterday and not in 1978.
  2. Barbara Streisand records are in almost every thrift store I go to. Babs is a prolific artist, and I’m thrilled about the availability of her records that are in my price range. It does make me sad when I think about how that might feel as an artist. I think I have just about every one of her albums now, and I just love her. Memories… are you kidding me?
  3. Check that the record(s) is in the sleeve – Some include multiple records, and I’ve definitely returned home without the full amount promised on the back of the album.
  4. Check the amount of damage to the record – I personally love a scratchy record as it creates that nostalgic vibe that I can’t quit. I make sure that it’s not so deeply scratched that it likely won’t play. I want scratches, not skips and broken records.
  5. Coordinating album covers – We use our vintage album covers as art in our home, so when I’m sifting through options, I’ll have a color scheme in mind. If the record is in my color story and is a genre of music I enjoy, I’ll snatch it up. Dolly’s album covers are the best to decorate with. I like a variety from different genres, but I don’t want to buy a record that I won’t also listen to. That seems like a waste to me.

What are some of your record hunting tips?



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