New Letters Added to LGBTIQA+ and Why it Matters

Even if you are a part of the queer community, it’s difficult to keep up with the ever evolving language, terms, and identities. I am entranced by the evolution of words, but even I became a bit stressed when I noticed people are now writing it differently. Some people use the term “queer community”. Some use “LGBTIQA+”, some just use “LGBT “or LGBTQ. Some will use the new term I’m about to show you, some will not. It’s also largely a generational difference within the queer community. I have friends who are offended by the word queer, understandably, so they will never use it. It’s different for each person. Which means you don’t have to use it either, don’t panic!

The new term I saw is : LGBTIQAP2S+

Now, before you roll your eyes, this made me feel overwhelmed with letters and terms. I get it. It stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Questioning/Queer, Asexual/Allosexual/Ally, Pansexual, Two Spirit, and every identity or sexuality not previously listed.

Here’s why this is important: Two Spirit is a term used by indigenous Americans to refer to the third gender that shows up in several cultures around the world (ladyboys or Kathoey in Thailand, quariwami in Peru, for example). Due to the recent racial reckoning that our nation has faced, adding Two Spirit is even more inclusive and prevents the erasure that indigenous Americans experience on a daily basis. Note* The Two Spirit identity should only be used by indigenous Americans.

What term do you use for the LGBTIQAP2S+ community?



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