Update on the Cancer Chronicles

Catchy, huh? I’m sad that I JUST came up with that.

Today I heard from my doctor’s office who said they are going to FINALLY have a date for me tomorrow. It’s not a concrete answer, but it makes me happy/relieved/nervous/FUCKING READY TO GO to know that someone’s getting my increasingly tempestuous voicemails. I’m crossing my fingers for a surgery date like yesterday. My short term disability runs out in the early part of October, but my treatment is not likely going to conclude until December or January. I’m working on some side hustles to make up for that, but I won’t have much energy to put into them after surgery and a few months of more chemo. Let me know if you have any passive income or side hustle ideas cause I’m open to anything and everything.

Stay tuned for an update tomorrow.

With a relieved heart,



3 thoughts on “Update on the Cancer Chronicles

    1. Mae Goes West

      Hi Simon! I completely missed your comment. Thank you so much for your well wishes. I’m in the hospital doing chemo now and everything is going well. Thanks for reading!

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